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525,600 minutes.

Chronologically in 2007:
  • Attended first New Year's social!
  • Lost a roomate, gained a fiance
  • Gained some amount of pounds
  • Went back to school
    • And, got straight A's!
  • Joined SpinColumbus
    • Marched in Pride and Doo Dah Parades!
  • Had several meltdowns with regards to work
  • Planned wedding stuff ( x a bajillion or so)
  • Booked wedding stuff ( x 10 or so )
  • Reassured my mother about our wedding ( x too many to count)
  • Lost 25 pounds
  • Somehow, over the course of the year, became at peace with where I've come from, and excited about where I'm going in life.
  • Attended second New Year's social.
In 2008 I will:
  • Finish planning wedding (without too many meltdowns)
  • Have said wedding (without too many meltdowns)
  • Keep my grades up
  • Take a programming class!
  • Get a promotion/new job at work
  • Read more novels for pleasure
  • Lose at least 25 more pounds.