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... and John McCain is still lying.


Sep. 20th, 2008 05:23 am
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Just breathe.
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30% off until 08/28/2008 - coupon code is FFL30.  Link to website here!
(Posted for Maggie and/or anyone else who likes their stuff!)


Jun. 27th, 2008 07:44 am
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Twas the night before Comfest, and all through the bar
All the hipsters had convened, from near and from far.
And Em with her PBR and I with mine too
Had just settled in to enjoy our "brews."

When up on the stage there arose such a clatter
We stood up from our table, "What the hell is the matter?!?"

And what to our wondering eyes should appear
But Juffage with live looping and amazing music there
We listened some more, and loved the sound
So we decided that we would be sticking around.

Then Ruckus Roboticus he took to the stage
Playing plenty of music for the crowd to engage:
Now spin us some found sounds, we really like  ya!
Now hip-hop, now funk, now electronica!

Hotel Eden started rocking the place
Saying to the crowd, "This song is on my myspace."
Even technical problems couldn't stop his force
He gave the set his all, staying the course.

His music was poignant, his beats very dancey
Yet sometimes simple and raw and not very fancy.
Kelly grabbed his guitar and played his last song
And much of the crowd quietly sang along.

Then I heard him exclaim into the bright stage lights
"Happy Comfest to all, and to all now, good night!"
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Chronologically in 2007:
  • Attended first New Year's social!
  • Lost a roomate, gained a fiance
  • Gained some amount of pounds
  • Went back to school
    • And, got straight A's!
  • Joined SpinColumbus
    • Marched in Pride and Doo Dah Parades!
  • Had several meltdowns with regards to work
  • Planned wedding stuff ( x a bajillion or so)
  • Booked wedding stuff ( x 10 or so )
  • Reassured my mother about our wedding ( x too many to count)
  • Lost 25 pounds
  • Somehow, over the course of the year, became at peace with where I've come from, and excited about where I'm going in life.
  • Attended second New Year's social.
In 2008 I will:
  • Finish planning wedding (without too many meltdowns)
  • Have said wedding (without too many meltdowns)
  • Keep my grades up
  • Take a programming class!
  • Get a promotion/new job at work
  • Read more novels for pleasure
  • Lose at least 25 more pounds.
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Jill was suspended for one year from EIU for a year due to her PTSD.

I can't believe that the school thinks they can do this.  It also must be said that Jill had a lot of triggering events in her life right before this happened, the biggest being another interview for a magazine about her experience being trafficked.  She's literally been through Hell on Earth.

On the other hand, I'm glad that her situation is gaining publicity.  I wish that some rights organization would pick this up for her and sue the school.  This is ridiculous.

Jill is, hands down, the bravest person I know.

Read more about Jill at her Xanga.  Warning:  some of her posts describe her trafficking experience and are graphic.
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One year ago today, I woke up to an email. alert: [Mav's sn] has winked at you!
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Thank you, Maggie, for a wonderful weekend.  Fun times were had, good food was eaten, and much wine was consumed. 

And now, homework.
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The world welcomed a tiny little bundle of sarcasm.  Happy Birthday, Michael.
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Although I am told, perhaps correctly, that these are crappy pictures, I will still post them.  Next time we get a chance to go over, we'll take better pictures.  We are told we can arrange another walk-through to meet the owners and such.

House Front
From the curb

House Kitchen
Counter space!!!

House Florida Room
Florida Room

House Family Room
This looks a little smaller than I felt it was.  This Family Room, along with the Florida Room and the long-ass kitchen counter, are begging to be used for a social, imho.

So, when are you all coming?

Oh yeah.  The Whole Set.
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Lolrus. )
Yes I know, but it isstill funny even if not accurate.


May. 5th, 2007 11:26 pm
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Mike finally got his engagement TV today.
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I got ZILS!

PS - I just remembered that on Live Journal one can do cuts.  And not depressed emo kid cuts, either.
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